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Interests | archives, documentary film, virtual reality, sensory/interactive/experimental ethnography

Applied | filmmaking, photography, digital editing, field research, development, graphic design, visual art

Mediums | video, film, oil, acrylic, watercolors, charcoal, ink, ceramics, pottery, sculpture, metalwork, glass-blowing

Software | Final Cut Pro 7/X, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, SPSS, Processing (Java), Max MSP

Languages | English (Native), Spanish (6 years), Latin (3 years), German (1 year), French (1 year)



Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Interactive Arts & Technology | Making Culture Lab | Simon Fraser University

Vancouver, BC, Canada | Sept. 2014 – Current | Average: A+


Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Social Anthropology | The London School of Economics & Political Science 

London, England | 2009 – 2010 | Distinction (Dissertation)


Graduate Studies (G.Dip.) in Visual Anthropology |Australian National University (Scholarship-funded)

Canberra, ACT, Australia | 2011 – 2012 | Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar | High Distinction (Overall)


Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Biological Sciences | Honors College | University of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, PA, USA | Graduated 2007 | GPA 3.8 (Combined)



National Digital Stewardship Residency (NDSR) Art Fellowship, Training digital art conservation: 2018-19 

Embark Social Innovation Seed Grant: Virtual Reality (VR) “field trips” for K-12, 2017-18 

Multi-Year International (MY-I) Doctoral Fellowship, Simon Fraser University: 2014-2018  

Provost’s Prize of Distinction Fellowship (Graduate), Simon Fraser University: 2014-2018

Society for Visual Anthropology (SVA) Travel & Research Award, November 2016

Travel and Minor Research Award (TMRA), Simon Fraser University: Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Fall 2016 

Graduate Student Society (GSS) Professional Development Grant, Simon Fraser University: July 2016

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology: Graduate Fellowship, Simon Fraser University: Spring 2016

Best Poster Award (Runner-up), Society for Applied Anthropology, March 2015

CD Nelson Memorial Entrance Scholarship, Simon Fraser University: 2014

NSF Research Fellowship, Smithsonian Institution & National Science Foundation funding in Anthropology: 2013

Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship ($25,000), Graduate Fellowship in Anthropology: 2011

High Distinction Award, Overall | The Australian National University: 2012

Distinction Award, Dissertation | The London School of Economics: 2010

Dean’s List, All semesters: 2003-2007



Ward, R. and K. Hennessy (2016). Singing the Strings: Embodied-Tactile Interaction with Archives and Ethnography. Chapter in Digital Echoes: Spaces for Intangible and Performance-based Cultural Heritage. [Book Chapter, Accepted]


Ward, R. and K. Hennessy (2016). Appalachian Punks: Producing Interactive Anthropology through the Collaborative Production of Interactive Documentary. Special Issue in Collaborative Anthropologies. [Journal Article, Accepted]


Hennessy, K., C. Fortin, A. Kadir, R. Muntean & R. Ward (2015). Producing New Media Ethnographies with a Multi- Sited Approach. International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) Annual Conference 2015 [Published]


Gao, F., K. Brant, R. Ward, et al. (201). Multiple protein kinase pathways mediate amplified IL-6 release by human lung fibroblasts co-exposed to nickel and TLR-2 agonist MALP-2. Toxicol. Appl. Pharmacol. 247(2):146-57. Available here. [Journal Article, Published]


Brant, K., R. Ward & J. Fabisiak HIF1-a and COX-2 mediated synergistic release of angiogenic factors from human lung fibroblasts. Toxicologist 2008. 102(2):2087. [Journal Article, Published]



Ward, R. (2016). Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) As a New Ethnographic Medium (20 min). American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Conference. Virtual, Embodied and Tactile Ethnography: New Digital Technologies in Anthropological Research [Panel Chair & Organizer]. Minneapolis, MN: November 2016.


Ward, R. (2016). Virtual Reality Documentaries as a New Medium for Visual Anthropologists (45 min). Visual Research Conference (VRC). Two-day conference for academics and specialists in visual anthropology (1 of 10 presenters). Minneapolis, MN: November 2016. 


Ward, R. (2016). Appalachian Punks: Producing Interactive Anthropology through the Collaborative Production of Interactive Documentary. Returns: New Digital Projects at the Interface [Panel Co-Organizer]. Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Annual Conference 2016. Vancouver, Canada: April 2016.


Ward, R. (2015). Digital Oral Tradition: Learning Appalachian Old-Time Music Via Youtube and Skype. American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Conference 2015, Denver, CO: November 2015.


Fortin, C., R. Muntean, R. Ward (2015). Producing New Media Ethnographies with a Multi-Sited Approach. International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) Annual Conference 2015, Vancouver, Canada (August 2015).


Ward, R. (2015). Appalachian Punks: An Ethnography of Changing Traditions in the Age of the Interactive Documentary. Poster Presentation. Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Annual Conference. Pittsburgh, PA: March 2015.


Ward, R. (2014). Community Art in Aboriginal Australia. Presented to Interactive Arts (IAT222) Lecture: 100 Students. Simon Fraser University: October 2014. 


Ward, R. (2013). Searching for the missing strand: Forensic analysis of the hair in the lei niho palaoa. Presented at the Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of Natural History, SIMA 2013 Symposium. Abstract


Ward, R. (2011). Rock art and archaeological research in Australia. Presented to Rotary International symposium.


Ward, R. and K. Brant (2008). Effects of NiSO4 & MALP-2 on human lung fibroblast cells. Poster presented at the University of Pittsburgh Environmental & Occupational Health symposium.


Ward, R. and K. Brant (2008). HIF1-a and COX-2 mediate synergistic release of angiogenic factors from human lung fibroblasts in response to nickel & microbial stimuli. Poster presented at the Allegheny-Erie Society of Toxicology.



Ward, R. (2016). Sneakerhead. 6 min. Documentary short. Currently being featured in a Museum of Vancouver (MoV) six-month exhibition.

Ward, R. (2016). Alair Summer 2016 Commercial Campaign. Concept, videographer and editor.

Ward, R. (2016). Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas: Red A Haida Manga. 46 min. For SFU First Nations Studies.

Ward, R. (2016). The Centennial Post. 14 min. Musqueam First Nation and the University of British Columbia.

Ward, R. (2016). Black Eagle Canoe Witnessing Ceremony. 61 min. For the Bill Reid Centre, Simon Fraser University.

Ward, R. (2016). A Fine Line (Trailer). 6 min. For the Moving Stories Research Project. 

Ward, R. (2016). First Nations Literature Educational Videos (2). 18 min each. For the SFU MATE English Program.

Ward, R. (2015). Digital Sq’éwlets Documentary Shorts (8) [Editor]. 10 min each. Sto:lo First Nation.

Ward, R. (2015). iPinCH Conference Proceedings for Web (3) [Editor]. 60 min each. Simon Fraser University.

Ward, R. (2015). Ukulele | an interactive biography. 6 min. Film accompaniment to art installation. 

Ward, R. (Director), C. Mason, S. Whitelocke, E. Balser, M. Caldrone. (2014). Appalachian Punks: A Resurgence of Tradition. Documentary Short. 

Ward, R. (2014). Conemaugh Trio. 4 min. Music Video.

Ward, R. (2014). Valentinus Dementus. 3 min. Sensory-art film with live music accompaniment.

Ward, R. and M. Morelli (2014). Southside, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 3 min. Contracted music video. 

Ward, R. (2013). White Oak Farm. 2 min. Commissioned performance video.
Ward, R. (2012). Achuar & iPads. 5 min. Non-profit project. In association with SeeThink Films. 
Ward, R. (2011). The Sensory Cottage. 26 min. Ethnographic film. Australian National University. 
Ward, R. (2011). The Devil’s Instrument. 9 min. Ethnographic film. Australian National University.



Ward, R (2016). [Producer, Director, Videographer and Editor] of documentary short (Sneakerhead, 6 min) appearing in the Museum of Vancouver (MoV) exhibition: All Together Now: Vancouver Collectors (Jun.-Nov. 2016). 


Ward, R., K. Hennessy [Curators] (2016). The Chile Project: Immersive Virtual Reality as Sensory Ethnography. Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) Annual Conference 2016, Vancouver, Canada. [Virtual Reality Demonstration]


Ward, R. & T. Fernandes (2015). liliuokalani. Center for Digital Media (CDM) Public Exhibition, Vancouver, Canada. August 6, 2015. [Interactive Anthropology Art Installation]


Ward, R. & C. Dodge (2015). Ukulele | an interactive biography. School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT) Public Exhibition, Surrey, British Columbia. March 31, 2015. [Interactive Anthropology Art Installation] 



Editor | Made by Sea | Sag Harbor, New York | May 2016 - Current 

 •  Web design and digital marketing firm located in the Hamptons, New York

 •  Editor, videographer and copyrighter


Lead Event Curator: Vice News | Hidden in Plain Site: HIV & Migration in Chile | Jan. - May 2016

 •  Virtual reality installation and documentary screening in partnership with Vice News and the International Reporting Program (IRP) 

 •  Development, planning, logistics, creation of digital content, promotion, graphic design and programming 

 •  Sold out event (May 24, 2016) with 300+ attendees 

Session Chair + Organizer | American Anthropological Asssoication (AAA) | Apr. - Nov. 2016 (upcoming)

 •  Chairing the conference panel: “Virtual, Embodied and Tactile Ethnography: New Digital Technologies in Anthropological Research" 

 •  One of four anthropologists on panel, presenting “Immersive Virtual Reality (VR) As a New Ethnographic Medium"

 •  Session development, coordination, introduction, moderation and discussant 

Co-Instructor: Digital Photography | IAT244: Photography & Post-Production | Jun.- Aug. 2016 

 •  Co-teaching the first online course in the department focusing on post-production digital photo techniques

 •  Utilizing Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Camera Raw 

 •  Assisting in the development of course curriculum, student mentorshop and design critique 

Teaching Assistant: Graphic Design | IAT100: Digital Image Design | Jun.- Jul. 2016

 •  Intersession course TA for two weekly 4-hour lab sessions (25 students each)

 •  Focusing on practical applications of graphic design, motion graphics, typography, narrative development

 •  Leading tutorials on Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign and Illustrator   

Creative Director + Videographer | Summer Corporate Campaign | Mar. 2016

 •  Concept development for corporate campaign: storyboards, R&D, art and image 

 •  Lead project manager for campaign shoot: team of five (photographer, coordinator, runners) 

 •  Videographer and editor for website and social media images  

Filmmaker | Moving Stories Research Project | Sep. 2015 - Sept. 2017

 •  Videographer and editor for movingstories, a SSHRC-funded interdisciplinary, collaborative institutional research partnership 

 •  Filming interviews, performances and editing content for online interactive documentaries

 •  Research focus on human movement and digital technology   

Session Organizer | Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Conference 2016 | Apr. 2016

 •  Co-organizer of a three-part panel session for an upcoming international anthropology conference 

 •  Responsible for inviting 10-12 global New Media and Museum scholars for paper presentations

 •  Thee part session: Event organization, speaker introductions and session moderation


Film Editor: Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC) | Digital Archives | Vancouver, B.C. | May 2015 – Aug. 2016

 •  Virtual Museum of Canada funded website about Sq'éwlets culture and the history of collaborative archaeology

 •  Co-editor of five mini-documentaries for public and permanent access online

 •  Collaboration with archaeologists, anthropologists, community members and web developers


Teaching Assistant: Documentary Film | Simon Fraser University | Vancouver, B.C. | Sep. 2015 – May 2016

 •  Teaching two lab sections and developing hands-on curriculum related documentary film production

 •  Demonstrating shooting, composition, sound, lighting, composition, continuity and editing

 •  Collaboration with community partners to produce documentary shots about local, contemporary topics


Videographer | Bill Reid Centre & First Nations Studies | Vancouver, B.C. | Feb. 2015 – Aug. 2016

 •  Videographer and editor for First Nations events, ceremonies, art installations and lectures 

 •  Development, filming and editing of in-classroom video materials for First Nations literature course


Conference Chair| International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA)| Vancouver, B.C. | Jun. - Sep. 2015

 •  Chair of Documentation for an international academic art and music conference with 800 participants

 •  Hiring and managing 20 volunteers as co-head of the Documentation & Archival Team

 •  Responsible for the filming of the five day event and the creation of a permanent media archive 


Research Assistant | IPinCH Project | Simon Fraser University | Vancouver, B.C. | Aug. 2015 - Nov. 2015

 •  Film editor for Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage (IPinCH) conference proceedings 

 •  Development and modification of in-video media content and cultural-use protocols related to video


Teaching Assistant: Narrative & New Media | Simon Fraser University | Vancouver, B.C. |May – Aug. 2015

 •  TA for two undergraduate Narrative and New Media course (IAT313)

 •  Student mentorship, office hours, curriculum development, consultation, grading

 •  Hands-­on development of interactive and linear narrative pieces (film, graphic novels and literature)


Filmmaker | Gordon Smith Gallery of Canadian Art | Vancouver, B.C. | Feb. – May 2015

 •  Videographer for upcoming art installation, "Robert Davidson: Progression of Form"

 •  Interviews and studio shoots with renowned Canadian Aboriginal artist, Robert Davidson

 •  Development of documentary and a interactive virtual tour of the installation


Teaching Assistant: Interactive Arts | Simon Fraser University | Vancouver, B.C. | Sept. 2014 – May 2015

 •  TA for two undergraduate Interactive Arts (IAT222) weekly lab sections (4 hours per week) 

 •  Student mentorship, office hours, curriculum development, consultation, grading

 •  Hands-­on interactive art projects, research, theory and methodology

 •  See my lab site here


Cultural Resources Technician | GAI Consultants | Pennsylvania, Ohio, W. Virginia | May – Aug. 2014

 •  Full-time (46 hours/week) archaeological consultant on cultural resource surveys 

 •  Phase 1 reconnaissance and subsurface investigations for Native American cultural materials  

 •  Current project: Pre-construction excavacation of natural gas pipeline corridors for prehistoric stone artifacts


Director | Documentary | Pittsburgh Filmmakers | Pittsburgh, PA | Dec. 2013 – May 2014

 •  Documentary short: "Appalachian Punks: A Resurgence of Tradition" (Directing crew of 5)

 •  Observational and interview-based film about the intersection of Appalachian music with the "punk" lifestyle

 •  Equipment: Panasonic HPX 170, Canon DSLR Rebel T3i and Final Cut Pro X


Visual Artist | Freelance Photography, Filmmaking, Design | Pittsburgh, PA | Jul. 2013 – Current

 •  Independent contractor for projects related to film, video, photography, design, social media, 2D Art

 •  Commissioned work: music and documentary videos, event photography, large-scale indoor mural project



Smithsonian Research: Anthropology | National Museum of Natural History | Washington D.C. | Jun. – Jul. 2013

 •  National Science Foundation-funded Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology (SIMA) program

 •  Four weeks of intensive training in museum research, collections, curating, exhibitions and publications

 •  Individual research project related to DNA analysis of human hair artifacts (presented at Smithsonian). 

 •  Abstract 


Coordinator: Margaret Mead Film Festival | New York, NY | Aug. 2012 – Jun. 2013

 •  Pre-Screening Coordinator on the annual American Museum of Natural History documentary festival

 •  Hiring and managing a team of 20 volunteers; programming, administration, outreach, logistics

 •  Leading orientation sessions, developing rating systems, film evaluation, consultation with anthropologists


Anthropology Research | American Museum of Natural History | New York, NY | Oct. 2012 – Jun. 2013

 •  Primary research for Anthropology Department research project led by the Curator of Pacific Ethnology related

     to culture, climate change, disease and contemporary migration in the Pacific

 •  Interviews and collection tours with NYC-based Pacific Islanders and climate change conferences


Museum Teaching Assistant | American Museum of Natural History | New York, NY | Workshops 2012 – 2013 

 •  Adventures in Science afterschool education programs related to anthropology and archaeology

 •  “The Anthropology of Food” (three courses; Grades K-5) and “Archeoastronomy” (Grades 3-5)


Bidoun Magazine: Middle East Culture & Art | Research & transcription | New York, NY | Oct. 2012 – Jun. 2013

 •  Contract work for ‘Interview Issue’ on art and culture coverage of the Middle East (non-profit organization)

 •  Transcription and background research for interview with Dawud Salahuddin (American assassin in asylum)


Film Assistant | Cultural Documentaries | SeeThink Films | Brooklyn, NY | May – Nov. 2012 (6-month term)

 •  Research and location assistant for independent film company specializing in cultural documentaries

 •  Community consultation, interviews, administration, research, social media marketing, logistics, outreach

 •  Sound, lighting, shooting, and post-production (Final Cut Pro 7) training


Aboriginal Rock Art Research | Australian National University | Arnhem Land, Australia | Jun. – Jul. 2011 (4 weeks)

 •  Graduate researcher on Chaloupka Fellowship Rock Art Research expedition (12 students and 10 professors)

 •  Collaboration with Aboriginal community (owners of rock art sites) for preservation and management

 •  Excavation, artifact collection, GPS surveying, pXRF analysis, ethnography, heritage and site conservation

 •  Collections research in Gunbalanya Aboriginal Art Centre for project related to stewardship and innovation


Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar | Australian National University | Canberra, Australia | Jan. 2011 – May 2012

 •  Academic scholarship ($25,000) to complete graduate work, presentations and philanthropic work abroad

 •  Fifteen (15) “Global Scholar” presentations to Rotary locations throughout Australia and USA

 •  Scholarship Blog


Mapuche Community Consultation | Education & Outreach | Villarrica, Chile | Sept. – Dec. 2010 (3 months)

 •  Collaboration with Mapuche leaders, educators, activists and translators for dissertation research

 •  Authored initiative for K-8 Mapuche Cultural Preservation Program (successfully implemented in local school)

 •  Non-profit Development Coordinator on Mapuche Resource Center project: design, development, research,

     grant-writing (Spanish and English), outreach, community consultation


Sustainability Officer | The London School of Economics | London, UK | Sept. 2009 – Jun. 2010

 •  Elected leadership position related to environmental and statistical energy-use patterns throughout campus

 •  Designing and implementing LSE Environmental Policy in residence halls


Research Specialist II | University of Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh, PA | Jan. 2007 – May 2008  (prior to grad school)

 •  Molecular toxicology research: experimental design, cell cultures, DNA/RNA, PCR, Western Blots, Enzyme-Linked

     ImmunoSorbant Assays (ELISAs) and statistical regression analysis (SPSS)

 •  Publications, papers and poster presentations at university and regional conferences

 •  Example Publication


Administrative Assistant | Part-time throughout college & graduate school | 2006-2007, 2008-2009, 2011

 •  In private law and medical offices: scheduling, reception, client services, databases, billing, portfolios

 •  Office coordination, Secretary of State and client interface, legal proceedings, annual reports, finances


Neuroscience Intern | Institute for Child Health | University College London | London, England | Summer 2007

 •  Assistant on Brain & Behavioral Sciences research team studying abstract reasoning in children with autism

 •  Transcription, qualitative (video) analysis, rating systems, database design, team meetings



Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS2) (Canada) | Mar. 2015

Protecting Human Research Participants | National Institute of Health (NIH) | Nov. 2012

HIPAA Confidentiality Training & Certification | U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services | Oct. 2008

Laboratory Safety Certification | University of Pittsburgh | Feb. 2007



Ward R. (2010). Transcending the physical and cultural body in Boddy:  A reevaluation of the zār using a quaternary model of androgyny. M.Sc. Dissertation, The London School of Economics. Available here.



Ward, R. (2014). Visual, Sensory and Virtual Representations of the Mapuche Experience: A Multimodal Exploration of Digital Weaving and Craftsmanship. Simon Fraser University: Three (3) Doctoral Entrance Awards.

Ward, R. (2013). Lei niho palaoa. Smithsonian Institution: Summer Institute in Museum Anthropology Fellowship.

Ward, R. (2011). Aboriginal Rock Art & Community Reasearch in Australia. Rotary International.

Ward R. (2010). Propuesta de preservación de la cultura Mapuche. Implemented in local school. Available here.

Ward R. (2010). The Mapuche Resource Center Project. For Pasos Sureños Non-Profit.



Bidoun Magazine: Middle East Culture & Art, Interview Issue, Spring 2013

Holy Water (Documentary), SeeThink Films, 2014 Release

God Is Not Dead (Documentary), SeeThink Films, 2014 Release

The Land Sustains Us (Documentary), N. Carolina Humanities Council, 2012

O’Connor, S. Complexity of cultural change, NW Arnhem, 2012

Reepmeyer, C. Urrmarning: A case study of pXRF technique on rock art pigments, 2012

Wesley, D. Red Lily Lagoon: Revisiting a rock art precinct, Arnhem Land, Symposium 2012


Installation Art & Contemporary Digital Practices; New Media; Qualitative Research Methods and Design; Performance, Technology & Embodinment; Cognition, Learning & Collaboration; Advanced Documentary Production; Visual Anthropology; Ethnographic Filmmaking (Independent Study); Foundations of Computational Art and Design; Anthropology: Theory and Ethnography; Anthropology of Religion; Kinship, Sex and Gender; Indigenous Australian Society and Culture; Gender and Cross-Cultural Perspective; Aboriginal Community Consultation and Research (Arnhem Land Field School); Advanced Field Training in Archaeological Science (Red Lily Billabong, Northern Territories); Dissertation; Oil Painting; Composition; Advanced Techniques in 2D Media

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