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Rachel M. Ward


May 1-5.

vocabulary from Siddhartha. mnemonics. Buddha quiz.

This week, we will be collaboratively reading the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse in class. We will be finishing our novel about the Silk Road, Between the Dragon & The Eagle by the end of the week. Mirroring the many Silk Road maps throughout the book, we will begin to brainstorm ways in which to create our own Knowledge Map. This would plot the objects that we encounter each week — not just on the Silk Road, but also in Siddhartha and other important Buddhist and Hindu sites. 


Mnemonic Devices

Vocabulary | Siddhartha Part Two

In-class on Wednesday.


We will each define 5 vocabulary words for our shared Quizlet deck. Cite your source for the definition. If there are multiple meanings, select the one that most relates to the Siddhartha (be prepared to explain why). Next, make a quick sketch. Lastly, make up a mnemonic device that helps you remember the word.  



    1. Define the word. 

    2. Make a sketch.  

    3. Make up a mnemonic device. 


AUSTERE. Think of stern.


ABLUTION. He is washing himself with a blue solution. 


ONEROUS. Think of strenuous.


PALLIATIVEThink of pacifier.


ALMS. She uses her arms to hand out alms.


TRANSIENT. Think of transfer.

Our Flashcard Deck.

Enter your definition, drawing, and mnemonic device into our shared Quizlet flashcard deck.

Stationary photo

Create your 5 card deck.
In-class on Wednesday.

1. Click "+" to create a new DECK titled:

TITLE: Your last name - Siddhartha Part 2

SUBTITLE: My 5 cards

2. Include on EACH CARD

Line 1: Definition 

Line 2: Mnemonic

Line 3: Your name

4. Change the settings [gear wheel icon] to make the visibility public

3. Share the deck [icon is "up" arrow] with

Screenshot 2023-05-04 at 10.20.54 AM.png

Where to find definitions.

A new search engine, called Perplexity AI, will give you sources for the definitions. Click the bracket "[ ]" symbols, which mens "View Sources" to see the definition in all dictionaries.


Video | Who is the Buddha?

Watch the video and take a short quiz using the button below. 


Based on Tunnel Books

Discussion of project next week.


Our Flashcard Deck.

Enter your definition, drawing, and mnemonic device into our shared Quizlet flashcard deck.

How to Cite

Citing works gives your readers the details needed to find your sources on their own. Please always include the link to where you found the source of your information.

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