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With Mark Foard + Rachel Ward


May 15-19.

mysterious sculptures. changing face of the buddha. visit to the maker space.

We will continue researching the "mysterious" sculptures we encountered on our campus Sculpture Scavenger Hunt last week. We will be completing an assignment to investigate its identity in four parts using Google Reverse Image Search and The Met collection. Like the 5 Silk Road objects we researched last week, we will start to notice how the morphology (shape/appearance) of the Buddha changed as it passed through different countries and cultures. Ask yourself: how did the face, body and carved/painted symbols change as these sculptures were carried West by Buddha's followers (such as Govinda)? We are doing this in preparation for the 3D Buddhas that we will design and print in the Maker Space over the next two weeks.

Ancient Ruins


May 16

We will continue working on our Sculpture Scavenger Hunt assignment. Our goal is to identify the sculptures we encountered on campus that we were not able to identify. This assignment is presented in four-parts on Blackbaud. But, to begin, we watched a 5 minute video on the BC and BCE dating system.  


May 16

Sculpture Scavenger Hunt continued. Assignments presented in four parts. We will be working on them in class this week and at home. All assignments and links are posted on Blackbaud.

part one.

UploadA photo of one "mysterious" campus sculpture. On Blackbaud only. 2 points.

IdentifyGoogle Reverse Image Search. 10 points.

part three.

ResearchThe Met Collection. Upload a PDF. On Blackbaud Only. 5 points.

DescribeThe identity of your sculpture. 15 points.



May 17

Co-taught by Mae Bird. 

In today's class, we will embark on a captivating journey as we deconstruct an article from the New York Times, focusing on yet another enigmatic object within the Met Collection—this extraordinary gold-colored Buddha sculpture (this portion of the lecture is led by Mae Bird). To deepen our understanding, we will consult a publication from the museum's curators to uncover the profound meaning behind the symbols and hand gestures depicted in Buddha sculptures. Our session will culminate in a collaborative worksheet: The Symbols in Buddha Sculptures.

Class Reading: Is this the most powerful sculpture at the Met? The New York Times.

Homework Reading: The Art of Southeast Asia: The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Homework Worksheet: The Symbols in Buddha Sculptures.


May 18

Today, we will visit the Maker Space during advisory. Mr. Donovan will give us an overview of TinkerCAD for designing 3D models and the process of 3D printing. During class, we will take a vote on our next "30-min field trip" — we will do this on campus on Wednesday.


May 19

Today will be a double section of English class, but please complete this short assignment based on what we learned in the MakerSpace yesterday. This worksheet (link below) includes instructions on designing your first 3D model in TinkerCAD (using their predesigned "food" objects). This is the first step in our software training as we prepare to work with a 3D Buddha model next week. 

Graded Homework: Buddha Junk Food. TinkerCAD.

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