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With Mark Foard + Rachel Ward


May 29 - June 2.

Eightfold path. Ashoka. Christianity. Final 3D models.

For the past two weeks, we have had a very up-close inspection of Buddhism — looking at Buddha statues and examining symbols, position and even microscopic engravings (such as with the Smithsonian Cosmic Buddha). This week we will take one step back — by doing a broad review of Buddhism (the IDP readings) and by looking at the spread of Buddhism as a result of the work of Emperor Ashoka. We will begin with the Ashoka reading on Tuesday, the review of Buddhism and selection of symbols on Wednesday. The 3D models of our Buddhas will be due by the end of the week — we will be working on them more in class and at home. By Thursday, we will begin transitioning into our final unit of Christianity.


May 29

No School. Memorial Day. This video about Ashoka, below, is supplemental and relates to our assignment tomorrow (Tuesday). 


May 30

To begin, we will do a quick recap of what we covered in Week 4 and our plan for the week. As described in the weekly overview (above), today we will focus on Ashoka by reading a comic and answering questions in-class. Access the reading and the assignment using either link below.

Assignment: The World of Ashoka. Due Tuesday May 13. 

Ashoka Comic Book - Cover_edited_edited.
Screenshot submission - Ashoka assignment_edited.jpg


May 31

Enjoy field day! Continue working on the Ashoka assignment from yesterday if you have not finished it.


June 1

Today, in-class, we will pair Teaching Assistants (TAs) — students who have submitted all of their assignments — with their colleagues that still need to submit (see list below). Complete the following worksheet for homework:

Assignment: Thinking about Buddha Heads. Due Monday June 5. 

Answers can be found in here:

  1. Look at this luxury retail website that sells Buddha heads for $15,000.

  2. Look at their disclaimer: "Are Buddha Heads Disrespectful?"

  3. Read this short article from a Buddhist Magazine: When Is a Buddha Statue Appropriate or Offensive? 

  4. Look at the photos/captions from the The New York Times article: How the Buddha Got His Face. You do not need to read it (unless you want to!) — you only need to reference the images.

Permalink to assignment:


Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 9.57.12 AM.png
Screenshot 2023-06-01 at 9.53.44 AM.png
$15,000 head - cropped.png
1st dibs disclaimer.png
Pink Outfit
3D Artistic Shapes


June 2

Today we will make final design decisions for our 3D Buddha models. To do so, follow the instructions in this graded assignment:


Assignment: My Eightfold Path 3D Buddha (TinkerCAD). Due Monday June 5.

It is based on Worksheet 4, (pages 7-8) (only two pages). Focus on the the Eightfold Path to answer the questions. You must read pages 7 and 8 before attempting to answer the questions in the worksheet! 


This assignment is in preparation for the final design of our 3D Buddha models (our engravings). It is due on Monday because we want them all 3D printed by next week!


This is our very last day of Buddhism. We will begin the study of Christianity next week.

International Dunhuang Project - Buddhism Worksheets.png

Complete Worksheet 4 (Eightfold path) in the document above.

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