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Rachel M. Ward, 2016, 6 min.

exhibited at the museum

of vancouver 


6-month exhibition 2016

Filming & Editing

Rachel M. Ward


Mister Martini




Sneakerhead (2016) is a short expose on "Mister Martini," a prolific sneaker collector in Vancouver, Canada. He owns over 900 pairs of shoes, predominantly Nike Air Jordans and Air Force Ones. I approached this project from a perspective of Visual Anthropology, offering a glimpse into one person's collection of 'material cultural artifacts' as a personal biography and a lens through which to contemplate contemporary micro- and macro-society (e.g., subculture versus global socioeconomics). This film is being shown as part of the six-month exhibition, "All Together Now: Vancouver Collectors and Their Worlds" at the Museum of Vancouver (June - November 2016). 

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